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Why Use Veneers?

This post reprinted with permission from Brian Boggs and was included in his latest newsletter: Originally, using veneers allowed makers to get a lot more furniture from expensive exotic materials. The first known use of veneers was by Egyptian craftsmen around 3000...

Now is a Good Time to Clean UP the Handplanes

Rusty Handplanes If your like me, you probably ignore your handplanes when you are not using them. Well, I have done this WAY too long and several have rusted. By the time I dug them all out, I found some that had never ever been tuned up. So I set about...

Woodturning Abrasive Paste

WOODTURNING PASTES ON THE MARKET                   There are 3 major brands of Woodturning paste on the market. These are EEE-Ultrashine, Yorkshire Grit, and Dr. Kirks Scratch Free. All of these products are meant to remove the fine scratches left by your sanding. The...


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